Dr. Marlene Siegel - The Holistic Vet
The Ultimate Mobile App For Pet Lovers!
Learn how to give your pet a long healthy life using holistic treatments and approaches
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The Holistic Vet App is currently on the Android Play Store and coming to iPhone early October.
This is what you'll find in this amazing app...
Ideas, Information and Conditions
The Holistic Vet App is a complete resource for learning how to treat and care for your pets.  Dr. Marlene Siegel and her staff will provide ongoing information on holistic treatments and living for your pets.  You'll get access to videos, articles, journals so you can apply what you are learning to your pet, and have the chance to ask the doctor questions through the Ask the Expert section of the app.  Soon there will be specific member content added for you to gain access to a library of information on different conditions and treatments.  This app is being setup to be the one stop resource for all things holistic for the beloved animals in your life.
Where to Download This App For Free
How to Download This App...
The Holistic Vet app will be available in all the major app stores on both Android and iPhone platforms.  Check status to the left or right and then open your phone to the app store and search "Dr. Marlene Siegel - The Holistic Vet"  It's a free app and easy to download. Look for this icon...
Check Out What's Coming to The Holistic Vet App...
Awesome Pet Galleries
We all love our pets pictures and the Holistic Vet app is here to share them with the world.  Submit your pictures to us so we can put them in our galleries.   Come back often and see the fun and creative galleries we've put together on all kinds of pets and pet "situations."
App Courses on Pet Health
Our App Courses module will provide step by step instructions and information on a range of topics for providing a happy and healthy life for your pets.  Each course will consist of lessons that contain videos, articles, a journal and an opportunity to ask the doctor about that topic.
Specialized Content
Does your pet have a certain condition or issue that you would like more information on?  The membership option will include detailed information on these conditions. If you are client of Dr. Marlene's Pasco Veterinarian's office then you can also get access to content related to what the Dr. is treating in your pet.
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