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How To Create, Sell and Run Your Own International Group Trips
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What Is This Workbook About?

Hi my name is Robert Evans. For the last four years I have traveled around the world hosting over 145 people on international transformational trips. We have traveled to Africa, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Alaska and New Zealand and not only have we had adventures of a lifetime but we have made a difference and shared our messages on these trips. Each trip has generated a 6-figure revenue for my business and now I'm sharing in this workbook all that I have learned, the successes and the failures, so other entrepreneurs can create their own trips. 

For now you can get this workbook free, just pay a shipping and handling fee of $9.95.  After I have given away the first 500 books I will be offering this workbook ONLY through a $495 training, so don't delay... fill out the form above to get your workbook.
Here are some of the trips I've done...
Africa 2014
Costa Rica 2016
Alaska 2015
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Workbook:
  • Choosing a place to do a trip that you're passionate about and is inspired by your bucket list
  • Setting up your business to market and sell your trip and the challenges you want to avoid in selling a high ticket experience
  • How to price your trip and what costs you cover and what costs you have your clients cover
  • Picking the right group of people to create your trip for and why you don't want to sell your trip to just anyone
  • Leveraging the networks of other people to promote your trip and using marketing funnels to tell the story of your trip
  • Sales Conversations are the key to finding the right people for your trip - tips and strategies for talking to people
  • Negotiating locations and the experiences that people will have while on your trip and how to reduce your costs  
  • Negotiating with local tour companies to get the best deal on your trip and get free spots for you and your team
  • How to increase the value of your trip so you can increase the price of your trip
  • Building a support team for your trip so you don’t have do everything yourself
  • How to deal with difficult people and “breakdowns” during your trip
  • Key ideas for creating trips that transform people’s lives and never appear as regular tourists trips
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